We are proud to be a Church of England school

Our Christian ethos is important to us and we value the principles of Church of England school to serve the common good for all. Therefore, we are proud to welcome children of all faiths or no faith to our schools. Our priority as a Church of England school is to deliver a high-quality education for all children within the context of Christian belief and practice.

Our Christian values

Our Christian values underpin the moral development of our pupils.  This is a focus of our collective worship and our PSHE lessons. These values help us to build our relationships with one another and the wider community. We have carefully chosen our six values of: fairness, honesty, teamwork, ambition, care and respect as these values will help our children become well rounded and worldly individuals who will make a vital contribution to the society of today and the future.

Our focus Bible story is The Feeding of the Five Thousand (John 6 1-14) which demonstrates all of our values.  As a Christian community, we have reflected on the messages in this story and how it guides us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps to be caring, respectful, ambitious, honest, fair and to work as a team.

We are shining lights

‘In the same way you should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things you do’  (Matthew 5:16). 

Every week, each class nominates someone who has been a shining light for the school by demonstrating one of our values. This celebration is the highlight of our week where we sing our school song  – ‘Love Shine a Light’, and celebrate our achievements.

Connections with the church

We have close connections with our local church, St Peter’s and Paul’s Parish Church in Wem, and the church community and we celebrate significant milestones throughout the Church and school year by attending services. The school and the local community are invited to attend these services, which are largely led by the children. This is an opportunity for our pupils to share poems, artwork, musical performances and prayers that commemorate the significant event that the service is for e.g. Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas or Easter. In addition, we use the church as a learning resource to enable the children to develop their understanding of curriculum subjects as well as religious education.
At St Peter’s, we have developed strong links with our local incumbents and Church Community as well as links with the diocese of Lichfield. Reverend John Jukes leads weekly collective worship at the school and the children also enjoy visits from other faith leaders and the ‘Open the Book’ team.

Additional Information

Please click on the links below to read further information about the nature of our Church of England Schools:
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Spirituality Statement
Collective Worship Policy Spring 2021

What makes a Church school different?

Click here to see the Diocese of Lichfield’s explanation

Our Worship Team

Our Worship Team are a group of Key Stage Two children who meet weekly to…

* support the school to be a community of faith
* support pupils to live and grow their faith day by day
* promote, plan, deliver and articulate the impact of worship
* promote plan and deliver prayer activities, including prayer spaces, contributing to the    prayer life of the school
* promote courageous advocacy
* monitor the impact of class reflection areas
* support senior leaders to gather evidence of the impact of the school’s Christian vision
* support the school’s delivery of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

The worship Team have sourced liturgical cloths for collective worship.

Our Worship Team attended the Christingle service at Shrewsbury Abbey.