We have a recommended uniform designed to be practical and attractive. Uniform is available to purchase from the school office. Please label all clothes.
White shirt / polo shirt with/without logo
Navy blue sweatshirt with or without school logo
Dark grey trousers/shorts
Black school shoes (no sport trainers)
Socks to be either black, grey or white
White shirt / polo shirt with/without school logo
Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with or without school logo
Dark grey skirt/trousers/ pinafore
Blue Gingham, or blue and white striped dresses (summer)
Black school shoes (no sport trainers) If sandals are worn these must remain appropriate sturdy footwear worn with socks.
Socks to be either black, grey or white
Tights to be either grey or navy
We would prefer that uniform with our school logo is worn. If purchasing uniform without logos, please ensure that they are the appropriate colour.
P.E Kit
Navy blue T-shirt (with / without school logo)
Navy blue sport shorts (no ‘short shorts’)
Black or white pumps
As for indoor and navy blue joggers (in colder months)
School Jumper
Soccer boots or old trainers (where appropriate)
Branded sports clothing is unacceptable.
Hair & Make Up
If your child has hair that is shoulder length or longer, for safety reasons we recommend that it is tied up. Extreme hair-cuts and use of brightly coloured hair dye are also not permitted.
Decorative items such as nail varnish and make-up should not be worn.
The wearing of jewellery by pupils at our school is strongly discouraged on Health and Safety grounds and as a deterrent to potential theft, damage and loss. Items of jewellery are worn at the owner’s risk and the school will not be held responsible for the actions of a third parties.
For Health and Safety reasons, only small stud earrings should be worn as there is greater risk of injury with larger and dangly earrings.
If a pupil wishes to wear a wrist band of any sort, only one to be worn at any one time.
During PE lessons all personal effects should be removed. Staff will give a verbal reminder to pupils. If they cannot be removed (i.e. recently pierced ears with studs), staff have a duty of care to ensure that pupils are able to participate without unnecessarily endangering themselves or those working around them.
Studs are the only earrings allowed to be worn in school.

Buying Uniform

You can find out more about buying uniform on the uniform shop page of our Parents’ Area:
Uniform Shop