Homework in Year 4.


Please read for at least 10 minutes each day and have your diary signed .


At the end of Year 4 there is a national times table test for all times tables.

Our focus this year is to know all the tables facts and their inverses with quick mental recall.( Five seconds)

Practice your targeted tables for 10 minutes each day. Details of useful websites will be published next week.


The 10 spellings for each week are on the Spelling Tab. These will be tested each Friday.

( Some of you  will have a personal  targeted list- this is what you need to learn and practice at home.)

There is a Year 3/4 spelling list. These words can also be practised at home ..these will be tested randomly to check that you are learning them.

There is a list in the middle of the reading diary of these words and we will send a list for you to keep handy at home.