Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Our intent for the curriculum is for every pupil to achieve the highest possible standards in all subject areas of the National Curriculum. Our creative approach enables English and Maths skills to be applied through the Foundation Subjects including History, Geography, Computing, Art, Design and Technology, Religious Education and French. These subjects are delivered and ‘launched’ through real life experiences provided by Educational Visits and specialist visitors, drama and role-play. Our pupils take part in a rich and varied Physical Education curriculum which enables pupils to compete in a diverse range of sports. Pupils enjoy singing and have the opportunity to join the school choir and perform annually at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham as part of ‘Young Voices’. Through the teaching of our school values, ‘British Values’ and ‘The 6 Rs’, pupils celebrate their differences and similarities and the strengths and successes found in each other, an important part of each child’s personal, social and moral development. We have strong links with our local church and community, inviting external visitors into our school frequently.

Children are also given many opportunities to develop as individuals within the life of the school, for example, by leading whole school assemblies and as School Councillors, House Captains, members of the Children’s Safeguarding Board and Playground Pals.

Please read our  Curriculum Policy March 2021 v2

Wem is a market town in North Shropshire, 9 miles (14 km) north of Shrewsbury on the rail line between Shrewsbury and Crewe in Cheshire. The percentage of children who have English as an additional language is 6%. This is higher than the rate in Shropshire where the overall rate is 4.64% (2011 census). 21.7% of the pupil population is classed as disadvantaged (March 21) and this is an increase from 19.7% in 18/19.

What do our pupils need?

  • The early advantage of successful language development through opportunities to experience rich vocabulary and develop early reading skills (low level of speech, language and communication in Early Years and KS1);
  • To be taught the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life and to grow as educated citizens; enabling them to understand the many possibilities and opportunities available to them;
  • To develop learning behaviours that promote independence and success;
  • High aspirations and ambition, in order to give them the knowledge and skills that allow them to go on to destinations that meet their interests and aspirations.

What do they enjoy?

  • Thinking and being challenged
  • Opportunities to work as a team
  • Outdoor learning- trips and visitors
  • The Arts and PE opportunities- including opportunities to perform and participate in competitions

Our Values & Drivers

Our school values are at the heart of our broad and balanced curriculum.

  • We’re caring- We look after each other, ourselves and the environment
  • We’re ambitious- We work hard to achieve our aspirations and never give up
  • We’re a team- We work together to achieve shared goals
  • We’re fair- we act without bias and ensure equal opportunities for all
  • We’re honest- we always tell the truth, whilst showing respect for the feelings of others
  • We’re respectful- we are thoughtful and considerate to ourselves, others and the environment

We seek the highest standards of attainment for all our children. We also value the breadth and balance of the curriculum that we provide. We aim to foster creativity in our children, and to help them become independent learners. Above all, we believe in making learning fun, challenging and inspirational.

EYFS Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

What will my child learn in Early Years?

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Progression documents, highlighting the objectives taught in computing and foundation subjects in every year group, can be found in the ‘Learning’ section of our website.