St Peter’s Nursery is a happy, friendly environment in which young children learn to socialise, develop independence, solve problems and have fun.
We believe that young children learn most effectively through play and have a child-centred, enquiry based approach to learning, led by a Teacher and highly qualified Teaching Assistants. Our exciting and interactive play and learning environment provides children with a safe and secure place in which to thrive.
Sessions are carefully planned using a thematic approach and activities are stimulating and multi-sensory, with a balance of child initiated and adult led learning opportunities.
Our on-site, school run Nursery provides children with a gradual transition into school where they can become familiar with staff members and the routines of school life. We have close links with the Health Visitor and Speech and Language support.


Mrs Ziola – Nursery Teacher
Miss Edwards – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Harper – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Ford – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Brown – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Davies – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Williams – Lunchtime Supervisor


Monday – Friday 8.50am – 3.10pm
Please bring your child into nursery through the Nursery entrance. The sessions will start and finish promptly at these times. Please be waiting for your child at the end of the session. Children may become anxious if they are left when friends have gone. Please come into the nursery to collect your child using the main Nursery door.