Ofsted, Reports and Results

We are very proud of our school, staff, pupils and their achievements. Below you can read statistical information and official reports relating to our school.


Ofsted make regular inspections of schools, the reports they compile can be found on our page of their website below:
Ofsted: St Peter’s CE Primary & Nursery School Ofsted Reports

School Performance Tables

The Department for Education publishes a wide range of data about our school. Information on test data, children’s progress, our intake and a range of other figures.
St Peter’s CE Primary & Nursery School Performance Tables

School Results

You can read our school results for EYFS,  Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 below:


2019 Results Subject KS1 Results Subject KS2 Results
Reading EXS+: 68%

GD: 32%

Reading AS: 74%

GD: 30%

Writing EXS+: 64%

GD: 21%

Writing EXS+: 80%

GD: 25%

Maths EXS+: 77%

GD: 32%

Maths EXS+: 85%

GD: 33%

R,W & M EXS+: 57%

GD: 18%

R,W & M EXS+: 67%

GD: 11%


GLD 2019:


Year 1 phonic screening check WA/+

Y1: 83%


GPS EXS+: 77%

GD: 36%


(Key: EXS+ – Expected or above the standard/ GD– working at greater depth (above the standard)/ WA+ – achieved at or above the pass mark/ EYFSP– Early Years Foundation Stage Profile/ GLD– Good level of development/ GPS– Grammar, punctuation and spelling)