Forest School

Forest School allows the children the opportunity to learn and explore in a different way. By regular visits to our woodland area and extended outdoor environment the children gain new skills and experiences that are not available in the classroom.
The development of Forest School began in Britain in the mid-1990s; it is based on a Scandinavian idea that considers children’s contact with nature to be extremely important from a very early age.
At St Peter’s, Nursery, Reception and Year One classes alternate their Forest School session, known as Wellie Wednesday, on a three-week cycle. During these sessions children are encouraged to develop independence skills, improve their decision making and raise their self-esteem through small achievable tasks. These sessions are child led and children are encouraged to make choices and follow their own learning. We use the sessions to explore across the curriculum. We might go out and create tens frames and part whole models in Maths using the natural environment, we might go on a colour hunt in Art or observe the wildlife for data collection in Science.
Forest school benefits children by bringing more opportunities for creativity, problem solving and maths, communication & team-work and physical development. It also brings with it the chance for children to learn new skills and knowledge.


· Multiple layers in Autumn/Winter
· Long Sleeves
· Wellies
· Waterproofs (if you have them)
· Gloves
· Hats
· Scarves

We will do Wellie Wednesday sessions in all weathers except exceptionally cold or windy conditions.
Mrs Kynaston is a trained Level 3 Forest School Leader and will be leading these sessions.
We feel that the children will thoroughly enjoy these sessions.