Children’s Safeguarding Board

Our Safeguarding Board are a group of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils who deliver assemblies and classroom workshops on a wide range of safety topics during the school year. They work closely with Mrs Byrne and our Inclusion Team to ensure that all St Peter’s pupils have a brilliant understanding about how to stay safe themselves and keep others safe.

Hi, I am Phoebe from 6C. I am 10 years old. I am here to change the way the way people behave. I am on the lookout for positive behaviour. I enjoy the fun things we do in assemblies, but I disapprove of unkind behaviour towards other children.

Hello, my name is Evie, and I am from 6H. I was part of the friendship week assembly where I promoted kind words. I would like to introduce new campaigns.

Hello, I am Eddison I am in 5G, I am 9 years old, and I feel like bullying should be put to a STOP!

Hi, I’m Freyja from 5JK and I am excited to join the children’s safeguarding board because I want to be part of keeping children safe and happy in our school.

Hi, I’m Archie, I am 8 and in 4K. I want to create a safe and welcoming environment.  

Hi, I’m Eva, I am in 4L, and I want to keep our school safe. 


During the Spring term, the safeguarding board are delivering an assembly about how our privates are private using the NSPCC resources. Click on the link below to see our PowerPoint and listen to the Pantosaurus song.



Friendship Week 2022:

Odd Socks: We want to raise an awareness that we are all different and that children should be themselves, accepting of one another and celebrate difference.

Here is our song for Odd Socks Day and Anti-Bullying Week 2022. Anti-Bullying Week starts with Odd Socks Day on the 14th November This year’s theme is ‘Reach Out’ and we hope you enjoy our song for the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Friendship Week 2021: Classes around school made displays to show our support network. These are the people we can turn to if we need support or advice.

During Friendship week, the safeguarding board gave out ‘One Kind Word’ tokens.

The Children’s Safeguarding Board raised £19 through sticker sales. This money has gone towards our fundraising total for supporting those in need through the Ukraine crisis. Thank you for your support.


The children’s safeguarding board are currently working on The School of Sanctuary Award within school. They have spent some time gathering research about refugees to educate their peers.

A refugee is somebody who leaves their home because they feel unsafe due to war or threats to their country. Refugees need protection and help from other countries to protect them from harm and danger. Refugees might come from Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Sudan and Myanmar.  

We would like to raise money to send to a Ukraine refugee charity. We will be selling stickers for 50p. These can be bought from Evie (4L), Phoebe (4K) or Mrs Stewart.  

Please help us raise money to support those in need.  


Friendship Week 2022

2022 Theme: ‘Reach Out’.



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Be a buddy not a bully

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